A-Tech is proud to be enrolled in the Mitsubishi Diamond Dealer Program. Please help us reach our sales goals to become a full Diamond Dealer. I have been installing and repairing ductless heat pumps and air conditioners for 13 years and have found the Mitsubishi to be superior to the other ductless brands on the market. With industry leading performance and legendary reliability Mitsubishi ductless has not only become a favorite of service techs but also is being spec’d by engineers for all kinds of applications.

If you are interested in improving the energy efficiency of your home or office and reducing your energy costs contact A-Tech for a free quote to see if a Mitsubishi system would be right for you.



Products and Applications

M Series Residential single zone heat pumps and cooling only

  • Perfect for heating or cooling a single space like a garage, man cave, she shed, sun room, studio, addition, or any spot that you need heating and cooling.
  • Indoor units available in wall mounted, Floor mounted, ceiling cassettes, and ducted models.

M Series Residential Multi-zone systems

  • Up to eight indoor units hooked up to one outdoor unit
  • Each zone operates independently so you can set a different temperature in each room.
  • Up to 40% energy savings over traditional central air systems.

P-Series Light Commercial single zone heat pumps and cooling only

  • Ideal for server rooms, conference rooms, Gyms, retail, restaurants and more.
  • Many different configurations for all applications.
  • Ducted air Handlers for larger residential and light commercial applications. Replace traditional ducted equipment.

City Multi VRF

  • Zoned system for all sizes of commercial buildings
  • Air or Water cooled
  • Eliminates the need for big ductwork only needing ventilation air reducing space between floors.


If you are looking for the perfect combination of ideal comfort and energy efficiency in your home or commercial business call A-Tech for your free Quote on a Mitsubishi system today.